Lonzo and Lavar Ball Unveil ZO2 for Exorbitant Price Tag

Where LaVar Ball goes, the conversation follows.

Lavar and his son, soon-to-be-NBA point guard Lonzo Ball, released the first set of shoes from Big Baller Brand, their independent competitor for Nike, Under Armour and adidas. 

Releasing new shoes isn't usually a big deal unless the shoes are widely panned (see the Curry Twos). However, these shoes aren't garnering conversation for the design: Instead, the it's the price tag. The ZO2 Prime, Lonzo's first signature shoe, will cost $495. The Balls appear to be marketing the shoe as a designer brand, thus the cost being higher than a normal basketball shoe from Nike or a similar brand.

And while the conversation should probably revolve around Lonzo, his shoes and his road to the NBA Draft, Lavar appears to be leading the charge.

Whether you love them or hate them, the Balls know how to keep themselves in the news.

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