Fultz on Embiid: He's ‘texted Me 75 Times' Since This Weekend

Markelle Fultz seems genuinely excited to be headed to Philadelphia. A good portion of that is due to Joel Embiid being a total boss and also the fact that Philly has more Chic-fil-A locations than Boston.

Dude loves his Chic-fil-A. And Joel. Who doesn't love Joel?

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We know this because Fultz penned a piece for The Players' Tribune this morning telling us all how he's breaking out of his cool, calm, and collected persona to revel in the excitement of being the No. 1 overall pick headed to the City of Brotherly Love. He earned this celebration.

Some of the important parts:


What's up, Philly?

You good? I'm pretty good.

Today is a good day. Today we take The Process to another level.

Yeah, we're pretty good.

He thanked his mom, sister, and mentor Keith.

It's hard for us Sixers fans not to focus on the Embiid parts. Joel Embiid likes to text him -- A LOT: "Since I visited, I swear Joel's texted me 75 times since then. I'm not mad, I'm just concerned about his data plan."

And he's got jokes!

Fultz has said he turned his phone off on draft day. I wonder if that is because of Jojo?

"Sorry, did I say Joel Embiid? I meant Mayor Embiid. Philly's No. 1 spokesperson. He would be a great mayor."

It's true! And he'd probably do away with the soda tax because Shirley Temples are delish.

He also loved how, when he visited the Sixers' training complex in Camden over the weekend for his workout, the team had some Chic-fil-A sandwiches waiting for him. They did their research and knew those are his jam.

His mom also was a fan of Brett Brown -- because again, how can you not be? -- so that helped set his mood right about Philly.

But the most important thing that came out of our meeting was that my mom liked Coach. The next day she told me that she had a good feeling about him because it seemed like he really cared about developing his players. He had told her that he really believes in his players.

And my mom believed him.

The whole thing is worth a read. Kid seems to have his head on his shoulders.

Philly is excited to have him.

In other texting news, Brett Brown was texting Sam Hinkie recently.

>>What's Up, Philly [Player's Tribune]

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