Reid: Kolb Can't Win His Job Back

Mike Vick is out Sunday Night against the 49ers thanks to a fractured rib and all sorts of fun chest bruises. Given his absence, you might think this would be Kevin Kolb’s chance to wrest back the starting QB spot that Vick so easily took away two weeks ago. Oh, but think again. Yesterday, Andy Reid said that Vick is the starter, no matter what:


"Head coach Andy Reid was initially non-committal when asked if Kolb could win the starting job back from the injured Michael Vick, but later told the Inquirer's Ashley Fox that Vick remains the team's starter.

Asked if the job was up for grabs, Reid said, 'No, (Vick's) the starting quarterback.'"

Of course, Reid said the same thing about Kolb right before turning around two days later and handing his job to Vick. The difference here is that Kolb played underwhelmingly before being injured and Vick played brilliantly. Reid won’t come out and say it, but that’s the obvious subtext. Vick did enough to earn the starting job and Kolb didn’t.

Maybe Kolb will throw for 500 yards and eight touchdowns the next two games, but you and I both know that’s highly unlikely, given what we’ve seen out of Kolb so far.

This sort of news asks the question: When will the Eagles get the ball rolling on a long-term contract for Vick (who is a free agent at the end of this year)? Without that commitment, Vick could bolt the team in March (though I see little reason for him to flee if the money’s right) and leave them with a shaken Kolb as their only option. The farther along this goes into the season, the more of an issue this will become.

Kevin Kolb may not be able to win his starting job back right now. But if the Eagles don’t sew up Vick to a new contract, or if they can’t put a decent line in front of him, Kolb may be the starter in 2011 regardless.

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