Phillies Surprise Fan on Twitter With Free Tickets to Promote Autism Awareness

The Phillies Twitter account has come a long way.

No longer the punching bag of fans on the social media platform, the current iteration of Phillies Twitter is winning praise for giving away tickets to a seemingly random fan to help promote Autism Awareness Night.

There was a time when the Phillies could barely slide right on the field. Now they're sliding into DMs in style.

It all started when Twitter user @DADitood asked the Phillies whether they were hosting another autism awareness night this summer.

That's when the Phillies had the smart (and kind) idea to offer up a voucher for tickets to the special night at Citizens Bank Park.

It's a small and simple gesture from a huge franchise but a little good will can go a long way on the Internet. 

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Now, the Internet Cynic in me might suggest that this was a plant, but even if it was, it was a smart one! 

Autism Awareness Night will take place on April 22 when the Phillies host the Atlanta Braves. Promotional tickets are still available.

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