L.A. Boy Chase Utley Pokes Fun at Philadelphia

I mean, we have to boo him now, right?!?

Chase Utley poked fun at our weather! He's not even from here.

Only those of us who have to sweat through multiple undershirts every summer in Philly are allowed to make fun of us!

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Just kidding, just kidding. 

Booing is highly overrated anyway.

But Utley did have some very nice things to say about Philadelphia when our own Jim Salisbury asked him what he would have to say to Manny Machado if the free-agent-to-be asked him about playing ball in our fine city.

"If you want to play in front of great fans that want to win in a beautiful ballpark, as long as you can deal with the humidity, go for it," Utley said.

It elicited plenty of chuckles from the assembled media.

Utley will play what will likely be his final series this week in Philadelphia - a potential playoff matchup notwithstanding - and is in the Dodgers' starting lineup this evening. Citizens Bank Park is sure to have a little extra juice with Utley's farewell tour of sorts. I'll be one of the fans to let "The Man" hear some Philly cheers a few last times. Go Phils.

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