Phillies Go 1970s With Powder Blues

Phillies to wear old road uniforms on the road

Powder Blue Mike Schmidt
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Great news for fans of the old-school Phillies look -- the classic powder blue uniform of most of the 70s and 80s is making a comeback next season.

One problem -- unless you like Wisconsin in the spring then you will only get to see the return of the powders on TV. The Phillies will only be wearing their old powder blue road unis during a May series in Milwaukee.

Thanks to Meech over at for finding this great tidbit.

The Phils will be rocking a uniform similar to the ones worn on the road from 1973 to 1988 by guys like Mike Schmidt, Von Hayes, Steve Carlton and Larry Bowa. The most major difference will be that the Phillies likely won’t wear zipper-up unis like they did for most of that era, according to

The best would be if current guys like Jimmy Rollins, Cole Hamels and Carlos Ruiz let their hair out. Maybe the Phightins could rock some fros and mustaches in the weeks leading up to the game to be ready to look authentic once they throw on the powders.

Here are the details on the throwback weekend from the Brewers Web site:

1970s Retro Weekend -- May 14-16 vs. Phillies

May 14: Brewers to wear reproductions of the home 1972-77 uniforms with "BREWERS" in royal blue block letters on the front of the jerseys and the yellow "M" logo on the cap. The Phillies will be wearing light blue uniforms worn on the road throughout most of the 1970s. Alumni Gorman Thomas and Jim Colborn are scheduled to attend and participate in a pregame autograph session.

Wow makes one feel good to be a Phillies fan after seeing a team brag about bringing back a guy like Thomas who only managed to bat .230 over 11 seasons in “The Good Land.”

Robin Yount must have been busy (just kidding he is coming in for '80s weekend in June). Of course Gorman also knocked 38-plus homers three times so it’s not like he was a total schlub.

In any case it should be nice to see the modern day Phils wearing the powder blues still so beloved by so many fans. Now the question is will they bring the blues home?

It isn't likely. The Phils have no plans to wear throwbacks at home this season, the team told NBCPhiladelphia. But, they do plan on hosting a '70s or '80s night during the season -- fros welcomed.

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