Oswalt's Bobblehead Looks Like?

Chase Utley returned to the lineup Monday and the Phillies offense finally exploded for a 10-run, 14-hit outburst but the day after a bigger issue needs to be addressed.

Why does the Roy Oswalt bobblehead doll that the Phillies (with some sponsored bucks from Toyota) are giving out to the 45,000-plus fans that trek down to the ballpark Tuesday night look nothing like Little Roy?

Seriously look at the picture above. Does that look anything like the Phillies No. 3 ace?

The chin is wrong, the ears are wrong and the eyes don't even appear right.

Really the only things they seemingly got right were the pulled up red socks, the red undershirt and the spelling of Oswalt's name on the plaque.

This could be the worst likeness for a Phillies giveaway since the team had to cancel a 2009 Mother's Day Jayson Werth fleece giveaway because his lips were bright pink.

But hey it’s free so beggars can’t be choosy. And I’m pretty sure that no matter how much the thing doesn’t look like the Phillies righty it will still be found on for sale on eBay, Craigslist and at a yard sale near you soon enough.

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