The Time Doug Pederson Got Pulled Over by a Cop Who Was an Eagles Season-ticket Holder

Sports Illustrated's Peter King made a training camp stop in Philadelphia over the weekend and caught up with new Eagles head coach Doug Pederson.

Pederson told King a tall tale of being pulled over early in his days in Philadelphia. From MMQB:

Rookie Eagles coach Doug Pederson was driving home from the Philadelphia airport one night this off-season and got pulled over by a cop. Seems Pederson had been driving without his lights on, and the cop took his license and registration and went back to his car to write him up. The cop came back a couple of minutes later. He handed Pederson the license and registration back, with nothing else.

“Season-ticket holder 26 years,” the flat-line cop said. “Expecting big things.”

Some famous Twitter users immediately thought this to be a fish tale

Reasons it could be true: Doug Pederson driving without his lights on seems entirely feasible. A local cop being a season ticket holder also seems totally feasible. A local cop giving that line to Pederson, again, seems feasible.

Reasons it could be false: "Expect big things."

No season ticket holder in their right mind expects big things from the Birds this season.

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