Spots Eagles Will Likely Address in the Draft

Some positions you can safely rule out. Others make a lot of sense.

One month from today, for the first time since 1961, the Eagles will have the final pick in the first round of an NFL draft.

For the record, in 1961 they took fullback Art Baker out of Syracuse with the final pick in the first round - No. 14 overall - but he elected to play for the Bills in the AFL, never played for the Eagles and was out of football before his 25th birthday.

Best player available is clearly the rule this late in the first round, but we all know that only applies to certain positions.

So what are the Eagles likely to select next month at No. 32? Let's take a look.

Assuming the Eagles really like Nate Sudfeld – and they went into a Super Bowl with him as the No. 2 - the Eagles are set at QB. They have a potential MVP, a Super Bowl MVP and a young prospect.

Running back
The Eagles haven't taken a running back in the first round since Keith Byars in 1986. This is a strong running back draft, and Jay Ajayi's future is uncertain, so it does make sense. First round? Could happen. But more likely they'd trade down and snag a running back in the second or third round, which Howie Roseman believes makes more sense for a running back.

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Wide receiver
The Mike Wallace addition gives you three established wideouts plus Mack Hollins and Shelton Gibson. If the Eagles take a receiver, it won't be in the first round.

Tight end
Maybe later. Not at No. 32.

Offensive line
Jason Peters is 36, Jason Kelce is 30, Brandon Brooks and Stefen Wisniewski are 28 and Lane Johnson is 27. It might be the best O-line in the NFL, but I could definitely see Howie adding a top young prospect to infuse some youth into this group.

Defensive line
Another group that's one of the best in the league but also older, with the exception of Derek Barnett. And with the futures of Brandon Graham, Michael Bennett and Chris Long all up in the air (for different reasons), you could see the Eagles going D-line again in the first round.

So many questions. Nigel Bradham could be gone in a year. Mychal Kendricks is perennially on the trade block. Jordan Hicks and his injuries. The Eagles rarely take linebackers in the first round, but this is a strong linebacker draft, and it would make sense.

The Eagles need to start thinking about the heir apparents to Malcolm Jenkins, who's 30, and Rodney McLeod, who could be gone after 2018 for cap reasons. And there are some intriguing late first-round prospects. The Eagles rarely take defensive backs in the first round but they might.

With five promising corners 24 or younger, it's hard to imagine the Eagles going corner at No. 32 (although a lot of mock drafts are predicting that).

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