Lane Johnson Secures Free Bud Light for All If Eagles Win Super Bowl

Bud Light will treat fans to free beer if the Eagles manage to win Super Bowl LII, and it's all thanks to right tackle Lane Johnson.

As if you needed any more motivation to cheer the Eagles on this season, Johnson promised he's "giving out beer to everybody" should the club win the big game. That caught the attention of the national media, and before too long, Anheuser-Busch property Bud Light, which responded with quite the generous offer.

There are some not entirely insignificant dilemmas here, mainly being that the free liquid is Bud Light. I'm more of a Yuengling man, so this news actually comes as a massive disappointment. Don't get me wrong, I'll probably choke a few down, but I don't have to be happy about it.

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Also, does Johnson technically still owe Eagles fans beer if AB throws a party in his name? Technically, he he's not giving anybody a thing!

You hear that, Lane? Bud Light party or no, I'm still going to be hitting you up for beer after the Eagles win the Super Bowl. And maybe spring for the craft stuff, too.

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