Jordan Matthews on Buffalo Baby: ‘Nothing to Do There, Except Each Other'

Last year in Buffalo, Jordan Matthews had the least productive season of his four years in the NFL. 

At least he was scoring off the field. 

Matthews, who signed Wednesday to rejoin the Eagles, spoke to reporters in the afternoon and filled them in on his busy life in the last 13 months. He got married last June and had a baby boy named Josiah in August. 

He can thank Buffalo for the little one.

When I was in Buffalo, there was like nothing to do there, except … have fun with your wife. She got pregnant. So we always say we got a Buffalo baby. Ain't nothing to do there, except each other.

OK then.

Matthews and his wife, Cheyna, welcomed little Josiah to their family last month. Matthews said Josiah has his wife's eyes and is beautiful. 

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But Matthews has a strange effect on his son. 

"Every time I hold him too, he poops," Matthews said. "They call me Poop Daddy. They're holding him all day. The second I come home they're like, ‘daddy come on.' The second I hold him, he's like (makes weird sound). They always hand him to me whenever he has to use the bathroom."

Some overshares from Jordan Matthews today.

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