I Never Once Doubted You, Eagles

The Eagles did it.

On Sunday night, as throughout the entire season, they had to overcome a lot. Injuries. Adversity. Tom Brady. Bill Belichick. The refs. The league. The oddsmakers. Cris Collinsworth. That Patriots defensive coordinator who I could have sworn reached the second round of Wing Bowl before vomiting out. Whatever cheating the Pats attempted that we'll find out about in three years. And most of all, everyone who said or wrote something nasty about Philadelphia fans throughout our run, or picked against us.

But we did it. And after Sunday night, I don't know if I can ever be negative again. It's a strange feeling, but a great one.

Over the years, I've been skeptical about the Eagles, and the chances they would ever, in any of our lifetimes, win a Super Bowl.

I didn't trust Jeffrey Lurie, and may or may not have said a few hundred times that the team would never hoist a Lombardi Trophy as long as he was owner. We lived through all of McNabb's choking, the eras of Mike McMahon, Kevin Kolb, Sam Bradford, various Detmers, the Dream Team, General Manager Chip Kelly and not getting Marcus Mariota.  

But this year was different. And really, we should have known this back at the start of the season. That the Eagles would lose MVP-caliber Carson Wentz and not miss a beat. That Nick Foles would win the Super Bowl, beating Tom Brady while both throwing and catching touchdown passes. That Eagles fans would turn multiple road games into home games, the Super Bowl included.

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I should have known that Doug Pederson would turn out to be a genius, with not a single one of the negative coaching traits of his mentor Andy Reid. That Howie Roseman would throw a perfect game of an offseason. That Jeffrey Lurie would emerge as a very good owner, and even better dancer?

But somehow, some way, all of that happened. The Eagles are world champions, and there will be a parade.  

So congrats Doug Pederson, you earned this:

In all seriousness, I've been told by a lot of you over the years that I've made you laugh and helped get you through some of those tough times, and bad losses, and hopeless stretches. I'm happy to have done that, and am continually in awe of this town and these fans. Enjoy this, everyone!

Anyway, what the hell is going on with Markelle Fultz? Have you seen some of those shots? The Sixers should be ashamed!

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