Hard to Screw This Up: 5 Good Options for Eagles at 14

It would be hard to screw this up too bad. 

Sure, the pessimist in you thinks "well, the Eagles will find a way." And maybe they will. Nothing is a guarantee in the NFL draft. 

But here's what we know: the No. 14 spot is a good place to be. 

Looking back at the last 10 picks at No. 14, four have made a Pro Bowl and three have been All-Pros. Furthermore, all of them have been starters. The only guy who could be considered a bust is Chris Williams, whom the Bears took at 14 in 2008. He's the only No. 14 pick of the last 10 years who was out of the league in 2016. 

It's still a little too early to judge the players taken in the last couple of drafts, but that's a pretty good track record. 

Because of that past success in the middle of the first round -- Howie Roseman has talked repeatedly about the success the Eagles have had inside the top 20 -- trading down, even in a deep draft, is a bigger gamble. And there's a chance there won't be many teams eager to jump up if the class is as deep as we've heard it is. 

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This is a draft class with good depth and there will be plenty of viable choices at No. 14. 

We tried to be somewhat realistic with which players will be available. So here are five solid options, in alphabetical order, for the Eagles at 14: 

DE Derek Barnett, Tennessee, 6-3, 259 pounds
There's a really good shot Barnett will be the second edge rusher off the board and the Eagles could certainly use him. The thing that stands out about Barnett is his hand work. His hands are violent and his moves with them are lethal. 

CB Gareon Conley, Ohio State, 6-0, 195 pounds
For a long time, he was overshadowed by his teammate and fellow corner Marshon Lattimore, who will likely be long gone at 14. But recently, Conley's name has been coming up more and more and for good reason. He's not as good as Lattimore, but he's a solid player without the hamstring injuries. 

LB Reuben Foster, Alabama, 6-0, 229 pounds
Linebacker is an underrated need for the Eagles. The team has Jordan Hicks, but Mychal Kendricks is on the trading block and Nigel Bradham has one year left on his deal and is still facing a felony assault trial. Meanwhile, Foster is the best linebacker in this draft, often compared to Panthers star Luke Kuechly. He and Hicks have the ability to play inside and outside. Foster is probably gone by 14, but if he isn't, he'd be hard to pass up. 

WR John Ross, Washington, 5-11, 188 pounds
By 14, Mike Williams from Clemson is probably off the board. Ross would fit really well with the Eagles, offering them the type of speed they haven't had at receiver since DeSean Jackson was in the building. Ross ran a 4.22 at the combine, but he's more than just straight-line speed. He can play. He's a good receiver and is a dynamic threat in the return game. 

CB Tre'Davious White, LSU, 5-11, 192 pounds 
Definitely not the sexiest name on the list. For some reason, he's a player who keeps getting overlooked. Forget all the mocks that say this would be too early. White was a great corner at a program known for churning out great corners. He played in a system that will translate to what the Eagles do and he's the type of confident and aggressive corner Jim Schwartz loves. He would be a fine fit. 

You'll probably notice the lack of a running back on this list. I think there's a good chance Christian McCaffrey is already off the board and even if he isn't, I'm not convinced he would be the right pick at 14. 

But if you do believe McCaffrey -- or any of these running backs -- is worthy of the 14th pick, that just furthers the point. There are plenty of good options in the middle of the first round. It's not impossible to completely screw this up, but it would be awfully hard.

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