Eli Manning Hasn't Called Eagles Super Bowl Champions

The NFC East is a mess in 2018. That's a fact.

Just because the Eagles, Redskins, Giants, and Cowboys have all gotten off to a rough start to the season, that doesn't change another fact: the Eagles are reigning Super Bowl champions.

The Eagles players may want to remind Eli Manning of that fact this evening when they take on the Giants up at MetLife Stadium on Thursday Night Football.

Check out this nugget from today's New York Post:

It is accurate to call the Giants' next opponent the Super Bowl champion Eagles, a designation that is difficult for the Giants to utter aloud.

"I haven't referred to them as that, I don't think,'' Eli Manning said, and laughter ensued.

Eagles fans can hate on Manning for his performances on the field as much as they want. He has been a bad quarterback as of late and for much of his career. But in Manning's defense, he is pretty jovial with the media in the locker room. Eli's media battle with Lil Wayne has been kind of hilarious. 

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