Eagles' Malcolm Jenkins Returns to Standing Along Sideline for 2018 Season Opener's National Anthem

As Thursday night gave way to regular-season football at Lincoln Financial Field, Malcolm Jenkins stood along the sideline for the national anthem after staying in the tunnel for the final three weeks of the preseason.

The Eagles' safety had put a pause to his silent protest toward the end of last season but resumed his demonstration during the team's preseason opener when he raised his fist standing along the sideline.

This was in light of the NFL implementing a new policy this offseason, requiring players to either stand or remain inside during the anthem. However, the disciplinary actions for the policy are currently on hold.

"Me personally, I really want to get this conversation to move away from the anthem," Jenkins said in an article published Wednesday by the Washington Post. "I think it has served its purpose."

Jenkins is one of the NFL's most socially active players. He started raising his fist during the 2016 season in protest of police brutality and racial and social injustice in the United States.

"I think it's important that we continue to keep this conversation going, that we don't let it get stagnant," Jenkins said after the Aug. 9 preseason opener. "As we understand it, everyone is kind of waiting to see what the league is going to do. That doesn't mean that we stop what we've been standing up for."

Defensive end Michael Bennett, who had been waiting out the national anthem before the exhibition games, was seen walking around during Thursday night's rendition and at one point sat down to tie his shoe.

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