Eagle Eye: Predicting 2018 Team Awards

In the latest edition of Eagle Eye, Rob Ellis and Barrett Brooks predict who will be the best players for the Eagles in the upcoming season. Rob and Barrett predict the team: MVP, Offensive and Defensive Player of the Year and Newcomer of the Year awards. Why are NFL officials leaving left and right? Finally, LeBron says he doesn't want a recruiting circus, but Barrett certainly does. What would it take to sign Barrett if he were in LeBron's position?

1:00 - How Barrett knows Sixer's top pick Zhaire Smith.
4:00 - The guys predict 2018 team awards.
12:00 - How does Jameis Winston's suspension change the week two game in Tampa?
16:00 - NFL officials are leaving left and right. Why?
22:00 - Put yourself in LeBron's position. Would you want an over-the-top recruitment?

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