Carson Wentz Excited to Get Dallas Goedert and Get Darren Sproles Back

When we last spoke to Carson Wentz a couple weeks ago, Dallas Goedert was an unknown college tight end and Darren Sproles was a free agent.

Now, they're two more weapons for the Eagles' once and future quarterback.

Wentz, an interview with John Clark of NBC Sports Philadelphia, spoke highly of Goedert, whom he knows from their days competing against each other in the Missouri Valley Conference, and said he's thrilled the Eagles re-signed Sproles.

Goedert, the Eagles' second-round pick, gives Wentz a second big-play tight end opposite Pro Bowler Zach Ertz.

"I knew Dallas," Wentz said. "I had seen him. I don't think he played much back when I played, but the last two years, just watching NDSU games, I was just like, ‘Who is this guy?'

"He was torching us. We actually have the same agents and so I have gotten the chance to talk to him a couple times. Once I saw his name called, I shot him a text right away. I was really excited, especially to have another weapon like that.

"To have him and Zach Ertz and Alshon and some of these big targets … look out!"

Sproles, who suffered a season-ending ACL injury just three games into last year, re-signed last week for his fourth year with the Eagles.

Sproles, entering his 14th NFL season, has more than 8,000 career yards from scrimmage and needs 845 yards to become the fifth player in NFL history with 20,000 career all-purpose yards.

"I'm excited," Wentz said. "I'm excited because I saw Sproles, obviously being his teammate the last two years, when he was playing I just saw how he was, how he carried himself in meetings and practice.

"But then seeing him go through his injury. We were obviously in there together quite a bit and seeing how he approached and attacked rehab. You could just see he was so determined from the moment he got hurt that it wasn't going to be his last (season).

"I've just seen him take strides, make strides already. I believe that he'll come back stronger than ever as well. He'll be a little ticked off about it too. He didn't get to play in that Super Bowl like a handful of us didn't. He'll be more than motivated and I'm excited to get him back."

As for himself, Wentz said he doesn't buy into the notion that he won't be the same player when he comes back from his knee injury as he was before.

"Honestly, I don't think like that," he said. "I'm a very positive thinker, optimistic. I've heard those things. I've heard the other side of the story too, where guys feel awesome (after surgery).

"We'll see. Time will tell. I'm believing that I'll feel great and I'll come back stronger than ever…. I'm not afraid of that because I don't believe that will be the case."

Wentz this week announced his campaign to match up to $500,000 of donations to build a sports and education complex for kids in Haiti.

For more information or to donate, go to Wentz's AO1 website.

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