A Must-Watch Video for Eagles' Super Bowl Parade

Eagles fans, good luck not getting chills watching this.

If for some odd reason you were in limbo on whether you wanted to attend the Eagles' first-ever Super Bowl championship parade Thursday, this video posted on the team's official Twitter account will likely make your decision.

This is going to be a party - and the invitation extends to everybody.

The parade, on which you can find more details here, will completely flood Broad Street. Let's be real, good chance something like this happens again.

Just hours after the 41-33 Super Bowl LII victory over the Patriots, players were already picturing the scene.

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They're ready.

"We about to have a party on Broad Street, baby!" Brandon Graham said Sunday night. "I know they tearing it up now, but we about to come and tear it up some more."

So, to get you even more hyped (if that's possible), the Eagles provided this gem Monday. Here's the message with the video below, which you'll want to watch with the sound all the way up.

At 13 miles, Broad Street is Philadelphia's longest straightaway. It runs north to south, right through the heart of the city. And it just so happens to wind up down by Lincoln Financial Field. It may only be 100 feet wide, but we'll find a way to make room … for everyone.

See you Thursday.

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