Where Do Sixers Rank in Blown Calls by Refs?

The refs don't hate your team, Sixers fans.

FiveThirtyEight conducted an interesting analysis of which teams have been the most and least screwed by NBA refs this season. It took into account bad calls and bad non-calls that occurred in the final two minutes of games within three points.

The Brooklyn Nets have been the most-screwed team, experiencing 29 bad non-calls. The Magic have suffered the fewest, just six.

As for the Sixers, they rank almost smack-dab in the middle - 14th - with 14 bad non-calls against them since opening night.

Unclear whether the clear shot clock violation committed by the Wizards in the fourth quarter Sunday made this cut, or the interpretation of Dwyane Wade's three-point foul Tuesday.

One that certainly should be counted among the 14 was the blown call by the refs when the Sixers called timeout with one second left in the second of three overtimes vs. the Thunder in mid-December. The refs gave the Sixers the ball under their own net as opposed to midcourt. The league's Two Minute Report later confirmed the Sixers were right and the refs were wrong.

Check out the full list from FiveThirtyEight here. It also includes individual players who have suffered the most bad calls, with Brooklyn's Spencer Dinwiddie leading the way. Poor fella.

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