Sixers Go One Out of Four for 2016

Well, at least it's a clean fraction. Despite the Philadelphia 76ers undoubtedly losing to the Denver Nuggets last night in some not-even-that-alternate universe, where the Nugs make a last-second putback that sends the game into OT -- seriously, who besides the Sixers would find a way to take a four-point lead with under five seconds and still need such luck to escape with a W? -- in this timeline, they won, and that's win No. 8 in 32 tries for the 2016 part of the 2016-'17 NBA season. 

That's a 25% success rate, or one win in every four tries. For the Sixers? Not too shabby, considering how they started both of the last two seasons with endless stretches of zero wins in every four tries. It's almost as many as we had in 2013, the first year of Our Once and Always Dark Lord's ascension, when we rode a season-starting three-game win streak (!!) to a 9-21 start to the season. (We even won our first three games in 2014 after that, if you can believe it.) And remarkably enough, we close the year only tied for the league's worst record -- shared with the similarly cellar-dwelling Brooklyn Nets. 

Will 2017 be the year that Sixers fans stop behind content to beat their chests about having at least one other team as bad as we are? Hopefully. Joel Embiid continues to play at an All-Star level, Ben Simmons may show up at some point, Robert Covington actually hit some threes last night, and Jahlil Okafor finally earned himself a DNP-CD. Things are looking not-explicitly-down for the Sixers, and we'll certainly take that going into the New Year.

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