PSA: Eagles Fan Base Needs a Culture Change in Wake of Mike Scott Incident

Mike Scott was on his way to a tailgate hosted by the folks at the 4th and Jawn podcast on Sunday prior to the game against the Washington Redskins but never made it there due to the ugly incident with some knucklehead fans.

The host of said 4th and Jawn podcast has a message for those Philadelphia fans living in the past.

You can watch the highlights from his PSA above and listen to the entire pod below.

"I don't want to tell you to be soft, I don't want to tell you to be less passionate, I don't want to tell you to be less enthusiastic, but we can't change the past," EROCK says.

"What you can do is not reinforce the low hanging fruit that the national media will continue to pick of the bush, not even the tree, the bush that is a centimeter off the ground. Don't help reinforce a negative stereotype. If you're goin to do your part, start to change the culture of how this fanbase is being viewed."

"I implore you, Eagles fans, do not reduce that passion but be smart. Be the fanbase that everyone else looks at, every other team looks at and says, 'I wish I had that fanbase.' Be the reason why Eagles players come back home and make this city their home. Continue to be the best fans in the NFL and don't let incidents like what happened on Sunday with Mike Scott tarnish your reputation."

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