Get to Know Ben Simmons Through the Eyes of 60 Minutes Australia

Philadelphia 76ers fans have absolutely loved getting to know Ben Simmons develop on the basketball court this season as a young rookie.

But Ben is often focused on basketball and basketball alone, so it's nice for fans to get a glimpse of what makes Ben who he is off of the court. That's what this piece by 60 Minutes Australia gives viewers a glimpse of.

They chatted with Ben's parents, Dave and Julie, as well as a couple of his younger siblings about what Ben was like growing up and how they keep him grounded today.

Of particular note, Ben shows off his Ferrari and dope leopard-print Nikes.

They also spoke with Bryan Colangelo who compares Ben to the likes of LeBron James and Magic Johnson. Brett Brown's comments are perhaps the most interesting.

"I don't call him great," Brown said. "He wouldn't want me to call him great. He's really good, really soon, quicker than we all expected."

If that's the case, I can't wait to see him when he's great.

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You can watch the entire segment below.

*warning: Ben drops an F-bomb at one point when he lets something out about his girlfriend

And here's the extended feature:

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