Ben Simmons Is Loving the #RaiseTheCat Movement as Sixers Keep Winning

One of the fun things about being a sports fan is the absolutely ridiculous and unpredictable things that can happen throughout the course of a season that turn into a whole lot of fun.

Remember the 2008 World Champion Phillies? Why can't us?!? No questions asked.

Aside from "Trust the Process," the 2016-2017 Sixers have a weird rallying cry of their own: #RaiseTheCat.

It all started with Ben Simmons getting a couple of adorable kitties as pets, sharing them a whole bunch on social media, and Sixers fans on Twitter running with it.

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 Savannah cats to support #RaiseTheCat]

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The movement has gained even more steam and Simmons seems to be loving every minute of it. Winning helps!

Cats were raised after the Sixers big win on Tuesday over the LA Clippers. Simmons most certainly got involved.

First, he tweeted an image created by CSNPhilly's social media guru featuring Simmons and his two adorable cats Photoshopped into the famous Lion King scene.

Then he gave his cat the ride it deserved and shared it on his Instagram story.

And Simmons won't be relegated to only #RaisingTheCat for long. Ben played some one-on-one over the weekend at around 80% and Brett Brown can't wait to get him back on the court.

"To see brief little things that he does, gift-wise, skill-wise on the court, you get excited for many different reasons and your mind wanders in different directions," Brown said. "He's ours and I think probably the city feels like I do. We're really excited to get him in a uniform and watch him play basketball."

As Kevin Hart will tell you, it's a good time to be a Sixers fan. Probably a cat, too.

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