A Jimmy Butler Interview: Loves Philly Fans, Cheesesteaks Not So Much

Philadelphia fans have taken an immediate liking to the Sixers' newest star, Jimmy Butler, thanks to his impressive game-winning shots. But he hasn't been here quite long enough for fans to fully get to know him just yet.

What better way to get to know more about Jimmy than a fun Q&A with help from fans on Twitter!

Before we get started, I've got one thing to warn you about. He's never had a Philly cheesesteak.

Here's Part 1 of our two-part chat with Jimmy. Look for Part 2 on Friday morning.

Serena Winters: Anything about Philly that you've discovered that you didn't know before? 

Jimmy Butler: I always knew there was a lot of history here, but there is a lot of history here, and that's something that you admire and that you respect. I love the way the fans are in the game. I love when you're not playing up to the way they want you to play, they boo you. I love that when you are giving all of your energy and your emotion and effort, they cheer for you. I wouldn't want it any other way, because I think that this is who you are, that is what you believe in, and I think that that is what is going to make everybody great. When they're doing well, you let them know they're doing well. When you're playing like some [ish] you let em know. I love it. 

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SW: Taking a game-winning shot feels like ___________.

JB: Feels great. Knowing that your team has that much confidence in you to take that shot is even greater. I think the more that you work on your game, and the more that you see the ball go into the basket, the happier you are to see the basket go in at the end of the game. To me, a game-winning shot, I'm glad that we win, but it is basically any other shot.

SW: How do you like your Philly cheesesteak?

JB: I've never had one. That's like steak or something right? I don't eat red meat, so I'm out. What does it got cheese on it? 

SW: Oh yeah!

Yeah, I don't eat cheese so I'm stuck.

Twitter question: Did you ever go by Jim or James growing up?

JB: That's not my name. My name is Jimmy and I go by that. 

Current NBA player that continues to inspire you?

JB: I'm going to go with D-Wade, everybody knows that's my guy. I think to be where he was and to see where he is now, and how he is still so damn effective is just so incredible to me. Coming off the bench, scoring I think 35 the other night? Man, that's D-Wade for you and still passing the ball like a point guard, which is what he really is and then seeing the family man that he is, how hard he is. I want that whenever I'm 45 like he is.

Twitter question: Is a hot dog a sandwich?

JB: No.

Favorite country artist right now? 

JB: I was listening to Luke Combs this morning, until Amir (Johnson) told me to turn that s--- off, quote un-quote. Luke Combs, his album is still hot. Love Luke Bryan, really good friend of mine too, but I'm more of a fan of the people that they are in country music. If I like you as a person, I'm always going to listen to your music. Florida Georgia Line is there ... who else? Kane Brown, I was talking to him before the game.

Twitter question: If you could eat only one condiment for the rest of your life? 

JB: Does salt and pepper count? 

SW: No.

JB: Honey! 

Twitter question: Favorite flavor of cake? 

JB: I don't eat too much cake, and you're not going to get me because my trainer don't like me eating sweets, so if I answer, he's going to think that I'm eating sweets. Nope, you're not going to hustle me!

SW: Biggest pet peeve? 

JB: When somebody tells me what to do. I absolutely hate it.

Check back on Friday morning for Part 2 of our Q&A with Jimmy in which he talks about his love of his minivan, some of his favorite books, some Joel Embiid fun, plus much more.

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