Gritty Wants Gifts to Mark 1-Year Since Flyers Mascot Burst Onto the Scene

The Flyers mascot is expecting gifts from fans for self-declared National Gritty Day

What to Know

  • Has it really been a year already since we got to meet Gritty?
  • Gritty has declared Tuesday National Gritty Day. And, the Flyers mascot is expecting gifts from fans.
  • What's your favorite Gritty moment?

It’s National Gritty Day.

That’s according to the Philadelphia Flyers mascot, which is marking one year since his wrecking ball of a debut.

Remember that first time you saw Gritty? For some they went out and got a Gritty tattoo or made a Gritty Halloween costume, for others they ducked under the covers hoping to avoid a nightmare.

How does one celebrate the anniversary (it's not a birthday since his origin story says he was living in the dark spaces of the Wells Fargo Center for some time) of when Gritty’s googly eyes and bright orange fur burst onto the scene, not only in Philly but around the country?

The Philadelphia Flyers’ new furry mascot, Gritty, made its debut in front of a group of kids at the Please Touch Museum on Monday.

With gifts, the mascot tweeted:

“I expect gifts, lavish, expensive, shiny, name brand gifts,” Gritty said.

Among the gifts Gritty wants are an antique typewriter, Kylie Jenner lip kits, hermit crab, Glade plug-ins, a fitted sheet and Gucci belt bag.

Gritty called on gift givers to "be original, do your research, don't be cheap." "Think of all I've done for you in the last year."

Don’t fear, Gritty even gave the address of the Wells Fargo Center to send goodies.

Even if you only want to celebrate Gritty Day by looking back, here are some of his top moments.

Eight-year-old Cailin’s mom made her a Gritty costume because she loves the mascot and wants to wear it for Halloween. When she met the real Gritty, they had a dance off.
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