It's Been a Bad Week for Former Phillies Injuring Themselves in Bizarre Ways

While MLB has been off for the better part of a week for the All-Star Break, former Phillies pitchers have not fared well off of the field.

First it was a bathroom that got the better of Cole Hamels.

If you tuned into the All-Star Game -- and we can't blame you if you didn't -- you may have noticed the band aid he was wearing during the game.

But a little nick on the face isn't the worst of it for former Phillies' arms. A cut from a broken beer mug has landed Jake Diekman on the 15-day DL! From ESPN:

Diekman hurt his left index finger while reaching into his luggage for a beer mug he bought at the bar Cheers in Boston. The mug had broken in his bag, and a piece of glass pierced his finger.

Let this be a lesson to us all: never go to Boston. And always use a night light in the bathroom.


For more on Hamels from the All-Star Game, be sure to check out Jim Salisbury catching up with him and his thoughts on the bright future of baseball in Philadelphia. “Now they’re rebuilding and I think they are doing it right. That city's going to love it. When you see [the electricity] again, it's going to be great.”

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