LeBron Knocks Down Boy at B-Ball Camp

King James accidentally knocked down a young boy after dunking on him at a basketball camp at Richard Stockton College.

Fresh off his NBA finals loss, LeBron James made an appearance at a South Jersey Basketball Camp on Thursday, according to the press of Atlantic City.

The press reports that James spoke to around 150 young players at the “Nothing But Net” boy’s basketball camp at Richard Stockton College.  He also participated in a game of “knockout."

Chris Paul, Richard Hamilton and Sixer Andre Iguodala also made appearances at the camp earlier during the week.

During the shooting game, James got up close and personal with Evan Mahome of Detroit. James accidentally knocked the young ball player down after dunking on him.

It was an explosive attack to the basket that was certainly lacking from LeBron during his disappointing finals series against the Mavs. Though it helps that young Evan isn’t quite as intimidating in the paint as Tyson Chandler.

Check out the video below before it gets confiscated by Nike:

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