NFL Screws the Pooch, Sells Vick Dog Jerseys

Fans can customize "Vick" jersey for pets


Don’t be too surprised if you see a dog wearing a No. 7 Michael Vick Eagles jersey, because the NFL is allowing the sale of the customized pooch pullovers on their Web site.

 The Vick jerseys weren’t being openly promoted by the NFL (like Vick jerseys for humans were being promoted), but can be obtained by filling out the customizable pet jersey form on and asking for "VICK" to be put on the back of the shirt, the New York Daily News discovered.

The customized Vick jersey will only cost fans $39.99 (plus shipping and handling -- naturally).

But is it right that people can dress their pets in the jersey of a man who served time for cruelty done to dogs?

The NFL for their part explained the sale of the jerseys.

"You can order a jersey of any team with any (player’s) name you want," league spokesman Greg Aiello said to NBC Philadelphia.

Since being launched about a year and a half ago, pet owners have put everything from their favorite NFL player’s name to their pet’s name on the jerseys, Aiello said.

Now that Vick is back in the NFL his name can be put on the jersey. “The fan or customer has to choose to do it… you have to want it,” said Aiello.

But there were at least two Vick-inspired jerseys you still can’t buy for man’s best friend. Vick’s alias Ron Mexico is still off limits and so was “Bad Newz,” the name of Vick’s dogfighting ring, according to the NFL.

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