Sixers Have Most of America Behind Them:

76ers could boost their fan base by playing the Heat in the NBA playoffs

Given the notoriously poor attendance at Sixers games you would think that they wouldn't have many fans. But there is one way to boost their fan base -- play the "White Hot Heat" in the first round of the NBA playoffs.

Sports Illustrated writer Michael Rosenberg has dubbed the Sixers “America’s Team” considering most Americans will be rooting against the talented tri-fecta of Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh and LeBron James in the opinion of the writer.

The Sixers are huge underdogs and stand to gain a lot of new fans if they can win at least one of the first two games in Miami.

Although the Sixers last game down in South Beach ended in a 111-99 loss, the 76ers were up by 16 in the second quarter and Rosenberg believes the Sixers have the potential to expose a lot of Miami’s flaws.

A lack of size and toughness and a lack of playoff experience as a unit are Miami’s two main weaknesses, according to Rosenberg.

But without the help of Andre Iguodala -- who missed the last couple games with a bum knee -- the Sixers could have a hard time bringing down Wade.

Sixers’ forward Elton Brand shed some light on why the Heat is such a powerful force around the basket.

“Bosh gets a dunk under the rim because you’re trapping Wade at half-court,” he said. “You’re trying to stop James from driving, you’re out of position, they get a rebound, three-pointer. It’s so hard to defend those guys when they’re rolling like that.”

Sixers coach Doug Collins said the Heat’s small lineup is a big threat.

“When they go to that small lineup, they’re lethal, because they put two other three-point shooters out there with Wade and LeBron,” said Collins.” They’ve got Bosh on pick-and-rolls. If you don’t help, they get to the rim. If you do, they kick out.”

Although the Sixers may not have a great change of winning they’ll at least have most of the nation apparently rooting for them when they play the Heat on Saturday.

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