Sixers to Contact League Office Regarding Harris' Buzzer-Beater

The half-court shot that Devin Harris hit Monday night to beat the Sixers at the buzzer was incredible, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't have counted.

Many of the Sixers were still in denial after the game, however, and were clinging to one referee's initial ruling that time had expired before the ball left Harris' hands. Players and coaches alike said that the shot shouldn't have counted, and the team spokesman said that he would be contacting the league office to discuss those final 1.8 seconds.

"It was no good, we all know that," Miller said. "It was a half-court shot; by rule if it's not conclusive, you can't overturn the call. Violet called it no good, and by the video, he didn't get the ball off in time, so I don't know how you can overturn a call that was called no good, plain and simple."

"I thought it wasn't good," said Sixers coach Tony DiLeo.

The Sixers also said the clock did not start precisely when Harris caught the inbounds pass, allowing him another half-second with which to work.

Sixers spokesman Mike Preston said the Sixers would be in touch with the league regarding the final 1.8 seconds.

First of all, Andre Miller is 100 percent wrong when he says "by the video" that Harris didn't get the shot off in time; you can clearly see at about the 1:15 mark of this clip that the ball is out before the red light comes on.

Now, as for the Sixers' intent to "be in touch" with the league ... over what, exactly? A hometown timekeeper maybe pressing the button to start the clock a split-second after he should have? Please. Philadelphia missed 14 free throws on the night -- make just three more of those shots and we're not even talking about this.

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