Phillie Fans: Positive With Terrible Grammar

Philadelphia fans are notorious across the country for their abrasive mannerisms and general negative attitude towards just about everything. While it's easy to dislike them for it, it's hard to blame them given the recent sports history of the city and the lack of any kind of title since 1983 (the Arena Bowl DOES NOT COUNT). What's odd is that denizens of the city seem downright positive about the Phillies' chances in this coming World Series, which many people consider the Phils to be underdogs in.

Leading the charge of this rare wave of positivity is the rallying cry, "Why Can't Us?" It's based on a radio caller overheard by Dan at The 700 Level, which lead it to Deadspin, and now t-shirts are printed and the Philadelphia Inquirer is writing about it. It's so dim-witted that it's actually almost endearing.

Instead of making another crack about Philadelphians or comparing them to the people that have been Rays fans for the past ten minutes, I'm going to instead note that this is empirical evidence that there are people that do, in fact, care about this World Series. Philadelphia and Tampa are really excited. Fans of good baseball are really excited. It's time for everyone else to stop whining about the lack of Boston and Manny Ramirez and get on the bandwagon.

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