Donovan McNabb Helped Chad Johnson Focus on Football

Donovan McNabb, as the quarterback of Philadelphia's football team, has seen his fair share of criticism and drama from media and fans alike. Most who have followed the athlete's career would tell you he's dealt with it all in a very professional manner and comes off as an intelligent guy who just wants to win football games. (Despite Andy Reid's best efforts, maybe)

Knowing that, it's not surprising that McNabb was a calming influence and a voice of reason for Chad Johnson last year when the prima donna wide receiver was the center of a contract dispute in Cincinnati. It was McNabb who convinced Johnson to try and put the team first.

The Philadelphia Inquirer's Ashley Fox reports:

"I blew his phone up," Johnson said yesterday as his 1-8 Bengals prepared to host the 5-4 Eagles on Sunday. "Donovan was a big influence. [He] really is one of the reasons why I really turned myself around and looked at my situation as more of a positive outlook and just thinking about all the people that would love to play this game, you know?

"He took me in that direction, instead of thinking about, 'Oh, I'm tired of losing and I don't want to be here anymore,' but just thinking about, 'Man, a lot of people wish they were in your shoes just to have the ability to play in the NFL.' That kind of turned me around, and that's why I've been as positive as I have been this year, and even though we're losing, man, I've just been plugging away."

So while McNabb couldn't solve all of the problems of another supremely talented wide receiver a few years ago who wore Eagles green for one incredible season, it does look like he helped Chad Johnson tuck away his ego -- even if it was just for a few plays.

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