Eagle Eye Podcast: Will Philadelphia Get Help From Chicago on Sunday?

On this special edition of Eagle Eye, Reuben Frank welcomes in J.J. Stankevitz from NBC Sports Chicago. How are the Bears approaching their game at the Vikings? How aggressive will Matt Nagy be with his starters and play calling? Would the Bears rather play the Vikings or the Eagles in the playoffs?

Roob on why the Redskins game isn't a guaranteed win for the Eagles. Also, if the Eagles did sneak into the playoffs, how dangerous of a team are they?

1:00 - How Philadelphia fans are viewing the Bears/Vikings game?
6:00 - How will the Bears approach Sunday's game in Minnesota?
9:00 - J.J. Stankevitz believes the Bears will help out the Eagles.
11:30 - Matt Nagy's sudden impact with the Bears.
15:00 - Bears should be worried about the Eagles in a potential playoff game.
20:00 - No one should assume an Eagles win in Washington.

Philadelphia Eagles

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