Who Do You Got — Eagles or Giants?

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The best part about the NFL is that with games only once a week there is plenty of time in between for great debates.

With the Eagles set to clash with the Giants on NBC’s Sunday Night Football I’ve discussed the QBs and picked which coach I would want with one game to win but with game day finally here it’s time to pick a winner for Sunday night’s game.

Find out who 610-WIP's Howard Eskin picked.

Let’s look at each team’s NFL ranks:

Eagles (6-3):

  • Scoring Offense – 2nd (28.6 Points per Game)
  • Total Offense – 3rd (400.2 Yards per Game)
  • Passing Offense – 9th (249.1 Yds/G)
  • Rushing Offense – 3rd (151.1 Yds/G)
  • Scoring Defense – 22nd (23.2 Pts/G)
  • Total Defense – 11th (325.0 Yds/G)
  • Passing Defense – 16th (221.0 Yds/G)
  • Rushing Defense – 12th (104.0 Yds/G)
  • 2-2 home record

Giants (6-3):

  • Scoring Offense – 6th (26.2 Pts/G)
  • Total Offense – 2nd (409.8 Yds/G)
  • Passing Offense – 6th (262.9 Yds/G)
  • Rushing Offense – 5th (146.9 Yd/G)
  • Scoring Defense – 14th (21.4 Pts/G)
  • Total Defense – 1st (270.2 Yds/G)
  • Passing Defense – 4th (187.2 Yds/G)
  • Rushing Defense – 3rd (83.0 Yds/G)
  • 3-1 road record

On immediate review both teams feature high-powered offenses able to rush or pass the ball down the opponent’s throats. On the offensive side the Eagles have the edge in scoring and rushing while the Giants have the edge in passing and total offense.

(On a side note: I couldn’t believe it either that an Andy Reid coached team would have the third-best rushing attack in football.)

Considering that I think a healthy Michael Vick is the better QB -- he hasn’t been healthy for three-plus games this season -- and that Manning has handled the G-Men’s attack all season I would give a slight edge to the Birds offense.

As for the home and away records the Eagles have one clunker loss at home (Redskins) while the Giants have only one somewhat-impressive road win (Texans) so I would call the records a wash.

On defense, though, the edge is clearly with the Giants. Ignoring scoring they are in the Top 5 in passing and rushing defense and they boast the No. 1 overall D in all the land.

But how will that New York defense handle Vick’s multi-faceted game?

With the NFC East lead on the line the key match up really will be Vick versus the Giants attack of Justin Tuck and co.

Despite the numbers I trust Vick to beat Manning -- my pick Eagles 29-Giants 24.

What do you think?

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