Eagles Cheerleaders Exercise Tips

Find out some of their favorite workout routines

Some of the Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleaders were kind enough to share their workout secrets for getting into game shape with NBCPhiladelphia.com.

Eagles cheerleader Amy has been on the squad for five years and has been able to keep in shape over the years by doing yoga. "I am huge fan of yoga," she said.

"It gives you an incredible workout for not only your body but also your mind. It really helps to keep you flexible and toned," she said

Two-year vet Priscilla goes for more traditional workouts -- she spends the majority of her time working out doing cardio. She likes cardio because it keeps her in motion with activities like dancing and running on the treadmill.

Jennifer, a four-year veteran of the cheerleading squad, says her favorite exercise routine is "obviously dancing." When not cutting a rug she hits the gym to watch "Law & Order" (nice NBC plug Jennifer) while working out on the elliptical machine. 

Rookie Eagles cheerer D'Arcy likes to keep it simple -- she likes to take a long run while listening to her iPod to stay in shape.

The Eagles cheerleaders will be sharing even more secrets with NBCPhiladelphia.com throughout the season -- stay tuned.

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