NBC10 ‘Experts' Expect a Mauling of the Bears

It’s nearly unanimous, 88-percent of NBC10’s football-picking experts see the 8-point favorite Eagles soaring to victory over the Bears on Monday Night Football.

Reporter Tim Furlong sums up a big reason why:

“The Eagles D will continue to play the not-so-Wide-9 formation and shut down that fraud (Bears QB) Jay Cutler. The Bears D will plan for a heavy dose of Shady McCoy but the Eagles will actually beat them with some long passes.”

Furlong has it Birds 20, Bears 10.

Sports reporter John Clark sees the same margin as the Eagles win 27-17.

Sales guy Corey continued to drink the green Kool-Aid as he picked the Birds to win 24-20.

“This is a completely unpredictable team thus far this season but based on their big win last week and the fact that they have been playing better, common sense would lead me to an Eagles pick -- assuming McCoy remains a big part of their game plan,” Corey said.

Meteorologist Glenn “Hurricane” Schwartz really likes the Birds to cruise to a 31-17 win on Monday Night Football.

“Chicago has beaten every bad team and lost to every good team,” Hurricane said. “The Eagles finally have their act together and will harass Cutler into interceptions and maybe a fumble or two.”

At the Birds Nest we are unanimously behind the Eagles.

Brian Solomon has it 38-31 because “neither of these defenses are going to be able to stop the opposing star running backs, Matt Forte and McCoy.”

Drew Magary sees a lower scoring affair with the Eagles coming out on top 21-10:

“The Bears' O-line is atrocious, and the rejuvenated Eagles pass rush should get to Cutler on more than a few occasions. And the Philly run defense has been vastly improved over the past two games, so much so that I have faith in them to keep Forte's production down.”

As for this blogger (who was the closest to picking the Eagles blowout result last week) I see another blowout win. I think the Eagles will get out to an early lead again forcing Chicago offensive coordinator Mike Martz to do what he does best and abandon the run. Cutler will be Cutler and the Eagles defense will feast -- possibly even scoring a pick-six. Eagles 38, Bears 13.

As for the opposing view, news anchor Tim Lake sees a Bears victory 24, 14.

“Hopefully (the prediction) a little reverse action will inspire the Birds to win.  The Bears have a powerful running back to contend with.”

What do you think? Will the Eagles improve to 4-4 and will our experts improve to 5-3 on the season?

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