Eagles' Magic Man Heads to the Pro Bowl

Long-snapper Dorenbos named to squad

Eagles long-snapper Jon Dorenbos has overcome personal tragedy to become a respected NFLer and a multi-talented magician and broadcaster. He can now add something else to his resume -- Pro Bowler.

He was added as “need” player to the NFC Squad Wednesday. Coaches are allowed to pick a “need” player typically to fill the role of long-snapper. Cowboys coach Wade Phillips (who will lead the NFC squad) reached to the division rival Eagles to grab Dorenbos, said ProFootballTalk.

The 29-year-old Texan has spent three-plus season as the Birds’ long-snapper.

But, he isn’t exactly a household name -- something you want from the guy responsible for tossing the ball back to you punter or holder. Look at it this way, the only time you really hear the long snapper’s name called is if they sail a snap over the head of the punter.

Dorenbos’ magic run through the NFL is even more amazing because when he was 12 his father killed his mother.

He turned to magic as a way to escape. He became so good that he gets hired out to do events all over the country including Las Vegas, according to the Eagles.

He was also won an Emmy at the 2009 NATAS Mid-Atlantic Emmy Awards for his work as a host for the Eagles Television Network.

Dorenbos was the seventh Eagle added to the squad joining David Akers, Trent Cole, DeSean Jackson, Jason Peters, Asante Samuel, and Leonard Weaver. Donovan McNabb could also be added to the squad to replace either Drew Brees or Brett Favre, according to CSNPhilly.

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