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Eagles Mailbag: Short Leashes, Extending Alshon Jeffery, Trade for RB?



    Eagles Mailbag: Short Leashes, Extending Alshon Jeffery, Trade for RB?
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    We kicked off the weekend by answering your questions about three Eagles rookies (see story), but there are plenty of questions left. 

    Let's hop into the next mailbag: 

    If the Eagles go 8-8, I think everyone will be back. Even though 8-8 might be disappointing to fans, it would be an improvement by a game from 2016. The way Howie Roseman, and even Jeff Lurie, have talked this offseason makes it seem like the leash is decently long. 

    Lurie preached patience. Firing a head coach after a one-game improvement wouldn't line up with that. 

    But let's say the Eagles lose more than nine games or if Carson Wentz takes a step in the wrong direction. Then, maybe the Eagles think about making a switch. After all, Wentz and Pederson are tied and if Pederson can't help Wentz reach his potential, what good is he? 

    If Jeffery is healthy and has a big season, I think he'll be back for the 2018 season. Because if he has a big year it's because he and Wentz worked well together and the Eagles won't be able to let him go. 

    And they won't have to. 

    Even if the Eagles can't work out a long-term deal with Jeffery, they'd be able to slap the franchise tag on him. 

    But, assuming everything goes to plan, the Eagles will want to sign him to a long-term deal. They'll have exclusive negotiating rights with Jeffery, which is a big deal. Remember, Jeffery could have gone elsewhere for this year, but he decided to come to Philly and play with Wentz. That might give the Eagles an advantage. 

    This isn't a bad possibility, especially when looking at the crop of unsigned running backs; it's not good. 

    But what would the Eagles have to give up to get one of these backs? If they give up a player they've been trying to trade, then fine. But giving up a draft pick for a player who isn't a long-term answer could be counterproductive.

    But these two guys aren't bad names. Anderson is still just 26 and the Broncos brought in Jamaal Charles and drafted De'Angelo Henderson. And in Cincinnati, the Bengals drafted Joe Mixon in the second round.

    Probably worth a call, but I'm not expecting either one of these players to end up with the Eagles … at least not right now.