Subversive Phils Fans Infiltrate Rockies Broadcast


Sure, Colorado Rockies, you think you’re so great just because you beat the Phillies last night after they let 4,000-year-old grizzlesaur Jason Giambi bash three homeruns (Seriously, three homeruns? How come Colorado can get so much mileage out of a washed up Giambi, but the Phillies can’t squeeze a couple of decent games out of Raul Ibanez?). Ah, but the Phillies still managed to get one over on you anyway! Just take a look at the clip above.

Now on the surface, this might look like a drunken Flyers fan and a drunken Phillies fan openly cursing during last night’s telecast. But where you see stereotypical Phillies fan behavior, I see an incredibly subversive attempt to undermine all that the Rockies hold dear.

Remember, the Rockies are God’s baseball team, which means they’ll all be ascending to heaven sometime tomorrow. But not before having to endure one last round of heathen cursing thanks to these two brilliant men and the incredibly stupid Rockies broadcast team that actually had a sideline reporter interview a drunken fan about playing Xbox. Why did they interview him? What information did they possibly hope to glean? Do they consider Phillies fans such foreign creatures that they merit anthropological observation? No matter. What matters is… WE GOT THE S-WORD ON LIVE TV! WOOHOO! IN YOUR FACE, ROCKIES! YOU MAY HAVE WON THE BATTLE, BUT WE WON THE WAR!

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