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DeSean Tweets “We Gonna Sting They A**”



    DeSean Tweets “We Gonna Sting They A**”
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    We love "Action" Jackson's swagger.

    Seems a little trash talk from Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson has Dallas fans up in arms.

    After Sunday’s horrible 24-0 loss to the Cowboys, Jackson took to his Twitter feed:

    “Got smashed by them cowboys 2daaaaaay sheeeeesh its all good we gonna sting they a** next week lil buddy…”

    And it’s this little tweet that’s got Cowgirls’ fans panties in a bunch and now they’re coming back at both Jackson and the Eagles with guns blazing.
    "You’ll recall last year that it was Jackson who fumbled away a certain touchdown when he showboated prior to crossing the goal line,” says Drew Magary of the Blue Star Blog.

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    "The Cowboys stung your ass so often, your team had to be rushed to the hospital due to an allergic reaction. It was a very thorough a** stinging.”

    He’s even gone as far as to referring to the Pro Bowler as “Evil DeSean” on the Blue Star.

    Really? “Evil DeSean?” Come on, Dallas, can’t take a “sting” or two from “The Eagles’ extremely gifted second-year receiver…one of the most dynamic playmakers in the entire league?”

    Before shooting off at the mouth, chew on this:

    NFL history proves that while what the Eagles need to accomplish this week is a monumental task, it is NOT impossible. Twice in modern playoff history has a team that lost the regular season finale bounced back the next week to beat the very same team, at the very same venue, in the first round of the playoffs. The Packers did it in 1993 by beating the Lions and the Raiders did it in 2001 when they defeated the Jets.

    Truth be told, the Eagles are the more talented team and this Saturday, may the best team win.