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Philadelphia Looks for Help to Reduce Overcrowding in Jails



    Philadelphia Submits Proposal to Reduce Jail Population

    The proposal is aimed at reducing the prison population in city jails. If the proposal is successful it could give the city $4 million to help with overcrowded jails. (Published Thursday, Jan. 7, 2016)

    Philadelphia is competing with a handful of cities across the country for millions of dollars in funding that could help the city shrink its overcrowded jails by more than a third over three years.

    The city has submitted its proposal to the MacArthur Foundation, which has a $75 million, five-year initiative aimed at lowering the country's incarcerated population. In May, Philadelphia won $150,000 from the foundation to come up with its plan.

    More than 7,800 men and women sit in Philadelphia's overcrowded jails, which are meant to hold 6,500. Many are there because they cannot afford bail or are ineligible for diversion programs that would allow them to remain free while awaiting trial.

    If the proposal is successful, Philadelphia could be awarded at least $4 million to execute its plans.