Google Map Provides Window Into World's New Year's Resolutions

Save money, lose weight, be a better person: the world's not so big, after all

Google capped its massive year-end Zeitgeist roundup, which catalogued the most-searched items of 2012, with an interactive glimpse at what people around the world were swearing off or resolving to do more of in 2013.

The resolution map mixes Google mapping features with Google translate and invites users (no subscription necessary) to contribute their own goals or peek at what fellow humans are promising themselves as they look ahead to the new year.

The handful of resolutions displayed have remained mostly static since the page launched New Year’s Eve and the translation is less than perfect, but good enough to note some universal trends. Not surprisingly, considering resolutions are made the day after one of the biggest party nights of the year, contributors around the world are looking to get in shape and abandon their destructive habits.

In the U.S., one user wants to go back to being a size 4. In Norway someone's swearing off alcohol, while in Brazil another person is trying to kick sweets.

There are also quirky vows being made: One ambitious internet-user from France wants to cook a recipe from every country in the world. In Yemen, someone wants to smile (presumably more). A Floridian aims to grow a mustache, while a California resident would like to listen to more complete albums on Spotify instead of just hit singles.

Google has provided tips on its blog directing users to a number of apps, videos, tools and lists to help resolution-makers stay on track.

For those aiming to travel more (like the South East Asian contributor who would like to walk the Santiago de Compostela Road in Spain) Google’s blog suggests its flight search tool, hotel finder, and Google Maps.

For those looking to save cash, hone yoga skills, paint, cook or keep track of finances, Google provides other tools and an inspirational video that might make resolutions stick a little longer.

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