Conservatives Fault Romney On Health Law

Romney 2012

Mitt Romney’s reversal in calling the federal health-care mandate a tax after his top aide referred to it an “unconstitutional penalty” highlights Romney’s weak standing on the issue, NBC’s First Read Team reported. The Wall Street Journal editorial board Thursday blasted Romney’s campaign for at first contradicting conservatives who had trumpeted the Supreme Court’s decision that the mandate amounted to a tax. The editorial said Romney’s overall “failure to admit” that his support for an individual mandate as governor of Massachusetts was a mistake “makes him less able to carry the anti-ObamaCare case to voters.” The board also slammed Romney for playing into an Obama narrative that he’s out of touch with ordinary Americans by being photographed riding a jet ski. Romney will have the chance to pivot back to his core issue -- the economy -- after tomorrow’s jobs reports is released, according to First Read.

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