Lady Gaga Breaks YouTube Views Record

Lady Gaga has a new title: Queen of YouTube.

The pop star has broken the record for video views from a single channel, which now stands at over a billion.

Her hit videos include "Just Dance" (272,941,674 views), "Poker Face" (374,606,128) and "Bad Romance" (374,606,128) as well as more recent tracks such as the Beyonce collaboration "Telephone" (179,882,788).

Those statistics do not include the tens of thousands of views from unofficial uploads of the videos.

Close behind Gaga for YouTube supremacy are the "Twilight Saga" channel (at 980 million views) and viral rapper Soulja Boy (at 850 million).

Gaga's eye-catching videos are so popular that a quarter of all visitors to Vevo – the major labels' new, YouTube-partnered video site – come for her clips, according to Mashable.

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