‘Can I Have Your Attention Please?' Man Learns He'll Be a Dad Over Plane's PA System

Mom-to-be: "I don’t get to surprise my husband very often. They made it an awesome experience"

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A few weeks ago, my husband Eric Sadiwnyk got quite the surprise on our returning flight from Las Vegas. There aren't...

Posted by Lisa Sadiwnyk on Friday, February 26, 2016

Eric Sadiwnyk heard the news of his life on a flight back to his Pennsylvania home from Las Vegas a few weeks ago. While preparing for takeoff, the pilot made an announcement: “Can I have your attention, please? We're about to do something special.”

The pilot continued with a big surprise. "Well Eric, although you didn’t strike it rich here in Las Vegas, you did hit the jackpot. Congratulations…you’re about to be a dad.”

The entire plane erupted in applause, congratulations and calls for a speech.

“I was shocked, I was excited, I had no idea what was going on,” said Sadiwnyk, of Fairless Hills.

His wife, Lisa, began planning for the surprise in the days leading up to their trip.

“You see all these videos on the Internet and YouTube, and we had been trying to get pregnant so I just wanted to plan something fun," she said. "I took a test a few days before we left- I got everything ready before the flight and printed the note for the pilot, just in case. I took the test on Monday before we left and then I knew!”

Lisa stealthily planned the surprise when the couple arrived at the airport.

“I was really nervous because I had known for two-and-a-half days without telling him," she said. "In the airport, I told him I was going to ‘find some snacks’ and approached the first two American Airlines employees I could find. I asked if they were going to Philadelphia—and they were a little weary, which made sense—but once I told them what I wanted to do, they were more than happy to help. The flight attendant told me to hand her the paper when I got on the plane, pretending like it was trash, and she would give it to the pilot.”

This is the couple’s first child and they were extremely excited to share the news with their families when they arrived home.

“We gave our parents mugs with baby onesies inside and then showed them the video afterwards," Lisa said. "It's been torture keeping it a secret but now that our friends and family know and I'm now 10 weeks we decided to share!”

Lisa wanted to share a message with all of the American Airlines employees who helped make this happen.

I just want to give everyone a huge thank you!" she said. "It’s exciting news to share and I was trying to think what would be the best and most fun way to share—I don’t get to surprise my husband very often. They made it an awesome experience and it was perfect.”

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