Boy Dressed as Lion Comes Face to Face With Real Thing at Zoo

The 11-month-old was caught on tape smiling the whole time as the lion pawed at the glass between them

Newsflare for "Today"

An 11-month-old child dressed as a lion met face to face with a real king of the jungle, a heart-warming encounter captured on video, reported.

Wearing a fuzzy lion suit, the child, Aryeh, which means "lion" in Hebrew, went to Zoo Atlanta with his godfather. While there, he went up to the glass to get closer to the big cats. As he reached out and put his tiny fingers against the window, a lion patted its own paw right on the other side of the glass.

Aryeh's godfather said the family moved along after a few minutes but that it was a great memory for the group, reported. 

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