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Monopoly Not Doing Away With Jail Feature



    Monopoly Not Doing Away With Jail Feature
    FILE - This product image provided by Hasbro, shows the board game Monopoly. The end is near for the shoe, wheelbarrow or iron in the classic Monopoly game as fans vote Tuesday, Feb. 5, 2013 in the final hours of a contest to determine which token to eliminate and which piece to replace it with. (AP Photo/Hasbro, File)

    Fans of the old Monopoly can rejoice – the game is not getting rid of the classic jail feature, but rather revamping a different part of the game.

    The new game, Monopoly Empire, has a different game play where players buy and sell brands instead of real estate, Hasbro senior brand manager Nicole Agnello told the Huffington Post late Thursday.

    The game still has jail spaces on the board and the same rules apply for jail as the classic Monopoly game, Agnello said.

    "We know there is conflicting information out there, but the jail spaces are not being removed from Monopoly Empire game," Agnello told the Huffington Post.

    It was previously reported that the game was doing away with the jail feature because kids were too busy to sit down and enjoy a time consuming board game.