7 Reality Sidekicks Who Need Their Own Spinoffs

When news broke yesterday that The Hills/The City supporting character Kelly Cutrone would be getting her own Bravo series, we basically lost our collective minds in the TWoP offices. Kelly Cutrone is an unsung badass of "reality" television, and we all need an hour of her awesomeness in our lives each week. Which got me thinking about a few other supporting reality cast members I'd like to see get their own shows. Drumroll!

Derek J (The Real Housewives of Atlanta)
Dwight who? Derek J is the real star in ATL, and he doesn't even have to try. Well, unless you consider shaving his legs every day, squeezing into hot pants, buying custom anklets and wearing four-inch women's (not drag, I'm fairly certain) heels to go with all the '80s makeup he wears "trying." I, personally, don't. I just consider it fine fashion, and I'd like to watch him go shopping for 30 minutes every week.

Jillian Michaels (The Biggest Loser)
Does she yell at herself when she works out? I need to know. And if her intensity on the Biggest Loser Ranch is any indication of how she is off-camera, I'd also bet she has some amazing personal drama in her life that I very much need in mine. It would be like having Workout back, but with a (hopefully) much less detestable lead.

Super Smize (America's Next Top Model)
God forbid we give Tyra Banks any more national attention, but you know her insanity is the only really entertaining thing about Top Model. Watching her try to play an even crazier version of her already crazy self on a fake reality show about a fictional character of her own invention would make me laugh. A lot. At her, not with her, of course, but she should really be used to that by now.

Padma Lakshmi (Top Chef)
Would it be boring and half-asleep entertainment? Most definitely. But I need to know how someone becomes that fabulous with only the energy of a gorgeous snail.

Adam Shankman (So You Think You Can Dance)
Bet you thought I was going to say Cat Deeley! But while Cat is wonderful, of course, Shankers is the most adorable man on television and Twitter combined. And he hangs out with celebrities non-stop between his film directing gigs, Academy Awards directing gigs, Bradley Cooper sightings at the gym (a common topic amongst his Tweets), and charity/excuse to booze and hob-nob parties. His show would be like having a sweet little swing-dancing tour guide through the drunk Hollywood elite. Now tell me you wouldn't watch that.

Zoila (Flipping Out)
Aww, who doesn't want Zoila to shine? Jeff would be allowed in for cameos, and it would be funny, but mostly I just want Zoila to earn a sack of cash from something so she doesn't have to work for him anymore.

Erin K. (The City)
Admittedly, the appeal of Erin K. may slip when she's not being mean to Olivia for having a job she doesn't deserve, but Erin has the kind of glorious bitchiness that just can't be taught. And for that, the dear girl needs her own show. Maybe we can send her around from company to company, exposing nepotism and undeserved favoritism in the workplace with her idiot-hating powers of endless judgment.

Of course, these are just my picks. What are yours?

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