West Chester Approves Cigarette Butt Fine

Borough council targets cigarette litter

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El Tekolote via Flickr

Be careful the next time you put out your cigarette in West Chester. If you don't find an ashtray that butt could cost you 100 bucks.

West Chester Borough Council approved an ordinance on Wednesday night that establishes a $100 minimum fine for "discarding in public places any cigarette butts or other tobacco materials."

Basically, if you are caught on city streets or sidewalks tossing a butt on the ground you could be fined.


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It’s unclear how the measure would be enforced, but that doesn’t necessarily matter, according to a report on the West Chester Patch.

"Enforcement really isn’t the issue," Council president Holly Brown said when the ordinance was proposed in August. "It’s more about the message."

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