Teacher Admits to Teen Sex Romp in Her Minivan

A "friend request" leads to a tryst between a popular teacher and one of her students, according to investigators.

"Beware: I am a bubble of energy...and I'm contagious!!" is how North Penn High School teacher Heather Lynne Zeo describes herself on her Facebook profile.

Well, the married mother of three is accused of having sex with one of her students and sending sexually explicit messages to another.

Zeo, 37, used Facebook to contact the teens last month, according to Montgomery County prosecutors.

She sent a friend request to a 17-year old student and things got physical the very next day, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

The two first kissed and touched during school. Then the romance moved from the classroom to Zeo's minivan and from petting to having sex in different parking spots, including a shopping center, according to investigators.

On her MySpace page, Zeo says "Teenagers and women's groups are a large part of my passion, but my God and my family direct my world!! Her favorite book is the Bible and "Luckily it has more romance, mystery, and violence than most movies!! :-) It ROCKS!!" she writes. And her favorite movies seem to scream arrested development: "Love Disney's "High School Musical" AND "High School Musical 2", and "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen" Love Most Disney Stuff! Love Sappy Clean stuff....PG Love stories, etc. Love slapstick comedy... And "get back at the bad guy" stuff!!"

The tryst between the Mennonite mom and the teen went on until Mid-may and didn't appear to be a love affair, according to DA Risa Vetri Ferman. "This was students taking advantage of what was available to them," Ferman said.

Zeo admitted to the sexual relationship, prosecutors said, but denied sending sexually explicit messages or inviting the second student to come, alone, to her classroom.

School officials were tipped off about the relationship and called police, according to the Inky. Zeo is suspended from her job. She's charged with endangering the welfare of children and corrupting minors. If she's convicted, she might not have to serve any time because the victims were so close to 18, according to Ferman.


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